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Hi, Im Lucy! (She / Her) This is where im gonna post stuff.

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Bumper - Short Comic Strip

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2024 ~ 02 ~ 02  · 1 min · 79 words · LucyLikesYourFace
PB: what is a four letter animal that, when you reverse it's letters, becomes the name of a plant?

ChatGPT: That's a clever riddle! The answer is "Bear" and "Brae"

PB: No it isn't. You have to reverse the letters.

CGPT: Ah, my bad! Let's try that again. The correct answer is "rats" and "star."

PB: Star isn't a plant.

CGPT: Oops, my mistake again. How about "taco" and "coat"?

⤷ About AI

Unqualified Thoughts On AI & Where the fuck are we going? Recently, I saw a post demonstrating the shortfalls of ChatGPT .1 2 As you may have seen elsewhere, when asked to perform tasks such as reversing or counting letters, ChatGPT will, with astounding confidence, give you an incorrect answer. This has been known about for some time. After all, GPT models and those like them don’t really “know” anything beyond how to convincingly continue a piece of text; all further intelligence is an emergent property arising from having so much training data....

2024 ~ 01 ~ 24  · 4 min · 653 words · LucyLikesYourFace

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OwO Whats This? So for the first time in a long time, i had thoughts that I wanted to actually write up to get my head round, and for the first time in an even longer time, I actually did it. So I guess it needs somewhere to live, so i started a blog looks at calendar …a few decades late? Its probably looking very basic but I can figure out how to make it hurt your eyes another day....

2024 ~ 01 ~ 23  · 1 min · 125 words · LucyLikesYourFace