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"Bumper" by LucyLikesYourface (preview)

Bumper - Short Comic Strip

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2024 ~ 02 ~ 02  · LucyLikesYourFace
watercolour-style digital art of a yellow rose on a sky blue background. The shape of the petals is defined by lines that erase the foreground.

Blue Yellow Flower

Yes I know the blue isn’t actually on the flower but im calling it that anyway

A digital drawing of a cricket with a tiny top hat and bowtie.


Just a fancy lil guy ~ Drawn at Beautiful Days 2023, because there were alot of crickets about.

A cartoon frog holding a trans flag, with text that says"frogs transed my Gender"

Frogs Transed My Gender

The first sticker.

Helen The Just calls the court to order (more wine). A woman faces away, holding a gavel in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other.

Helen, The Just

First of her name, converter of wine to wisdom, maker of many noises.

Vector art of a box of apple juice, labeled "Apple Juice Zone"

Juice Zone

Made this for a discord server, I have no idea if the japanese on this is correct, google says it is but google translate can be a wild ride sometimes. Maybe this will make me look silly at some point

Black and white digital drawing of a hand holding a phone. The screen illuminates a beam of light through the fog


Started off as hand practice {not that ive gotten any better yet}.

Digital art of Hestu (The Legend of Zelda character) holding a whisk, captioned "Nakey Bakey!"

Nakey Bakey

Shaka! I wanted a Hestu sticker so I made one

Digital art of a silhouette forest beneath a purple night sky. A large billowing white cloud is snowing over the scene.

Purple Clouds

Can you tell I downloaded a tree brush lol

"Resist Trans Genocide" in in pink, white and blue Unown letters

Resist Trans Genocide

Unown says Trans Rights I made this as a sticker design.

A banana slug on a red background, carying some land with grass and a shelter


He got a lil camp on he back ~ I actually started this on paper but idk where the sketch went. I made this one into a sticker too!